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A Flower in the Sand 'A Flower...' posits a framework for the collapse of logic, exploring the tension between rationalism and fictional narratives, where the fragile relationship between word and image confront one another. The visual is 'damaged' by the disruptive interjection of a comic panel, a device for story telling that unfolds a sequence of time different to the frozen gesture of the photograph. This panel is itself marred by print bleeding through the surface of its pristine void and words break out onto its surface. The poetic does battle with the narrative of art production metaphor and engages the internal pressure of logic and chaos of what is viewed. The comic panel changes time. The words struggle for meaning; they are at the crossing point between fictive narrative and logical discourse. A flower in sand struggles for survival, unable to nurture itself its fragile nature at odds with the barren environment; arguably that same relationship between the language of ideas and realism itself.