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Roland Barthes, discussing the role of narrative made the point that the main determining feature of any work of art is that of its internal logic and development. That which takes place on the surface i.e. what it looks like, is literally nothing; what happens, i.e. its impact is the language itself, language as art, that which directly transforms thinking. 'Thirteen Boxes' made of balsa wood and measuring roughly 80 x 50mm contained battery operated circuits emitting the simulated sound of a cricket. These were placed randomly around a former bakery, turned gallery in Copenhagen, running twenty four hours a day, over a four week period. For the last two days they emitted a thin squeal as the batteries faded. I was invited to take part in this show, but with no prior knowledge of the space I decided to work with the one constant present, namely the air of the room. The objective was to create a state of mind where one experienced the object of space itself; a reification, drawing on an abstraction and materialising it. Crickets by ManMaas
Thirteen Boxes