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Exhibited in Berlin and consisting of a complete office environment 'Untitled Still' was built inside the shell of an empty shop. The three mounted images consist of pictures of myself seated at desks in various positions relating to a work environment, labelled A, B & C; on the table are copies of Art Monthly, Parkett and Art News. This piece stems from a period of direct critique on the system of art values relating to commodification, the art market and the philosophical discussions relating to simulacrum, specifically a 'perversion of reality'. It further sought to draw a parallel with the notion of how we map space both figuratively as well as in a literal sense based on past experience and how these interiors impact on our sense of self and shape the perception of boundaries. The theme of language and how we define value through a series of codes and signifiers was central to the work.

With the cabinets and shelves, a 'broken' series of symbols relating to language; a typewriter, newspapers and file boxes sit on steel shelves, the filing cabinets rest in two trays filled with oil. A hidden pump inside one of the cabinets drew oil up and fed it to the back edge of each shelf, where the effect of capillary action soaked the paper and files before dripping off the shelves and onto the cabinets in an endless cycle. The oil served as a metaphor for the flow of ideas through its literal ability to lubricate, but here could be viewed as spilling out of control and forming a slippage of intention.