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'Whilst the buildings of the City hum with flesh and light, the
glow and blur of function dissipates at their edge and fades
into a landscape draped in shadow and mystery. There, by
night, magic wends its way as sorcerers transform its walls with
seemingly archaic symbols and curiously abandoned clothes
appear as if folk were whisked into the ether by sprites. The
City shares an uneasy relationship with the ghosts of its past
and its people wander oft in confusion. As the gnarled streets
chatter to themselves; “Do Not Park”, “No Stopping”, “Give
Way”, “Cross Here”, another land meanders, the environ of the
unseen beneath our feet, a place where time slows and history
tells a different tale.

Tony Maas, international artist and local resident, offers a
meditative reflection on the Victorian tunnel beneath Southwark
Street and ponders its symbolic significance. With a debt
of gratitude to Warren Ellis and his literary narratives on English
folklore for inspiration.'